Frequently Asked Questions

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At PG Swimming Academy, we understand that you may have a lot of questions and we’re here to answer all of them. We are not only passionate to help your little ones to acquire swimming skills, but we are dedicated in helping them grow socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually while having a whole lot of fun. We hope that the answers we provide to the following FAQs would ease your doubts and any inquiry you have.

Enrolment/ Registration

There are 3 simple ways to enroll:

1) Feel free to drop by our PG Swimming Academy management office located at SETIA Spice Aquatic Centre (Visit us at WAHOO Swim School administrative office) 

2) Reach out to our Customer Service at +6016 558 0107 to enquire for your preferred class slot. 

3) Drop your inquiries via e-mail to (including learner’s full name, D.O.B, contact no., preferred day & time)

Yes, you can. Just voice your preference to our Customer Service Personnel, they will try their best to fulfil your needs for a more enjoyable swimming experience. 

Yes, you can. Contact our Customer Service Personnel at +6016 558 0107 to enquire further. 


We provide 3 payment options so there’s no need to worry about having to run to the ATM before every lesson: 

1) Online transfer 

2) Visa/ Mastercard (Payable at WAHOO Swim School administrative office) 

3) Automatic payment system 

No worries! We’ll adjust your payments as needed to ensure that you’re not overcharged

Unfortunately, we do not issue these, but we can schedule a make-up lesson at a time that’s convenient for you. We will try our best to work with your schedule! 

Class Scheduling and Adjustments

The last TWO Weeks of each term are dedicated for make-up lessons to be conducted. Every student is entitled to 2 make-up classes each term. All you need to do is to fill up your replacement class request via Our front desk team would be happy to schedule your replacement class schedule for you and keep you updated. You can also check back with us if you’d like to check on your replacement class arrangement. You can WhatsApp/Contact us at +6016 558 0107

No problem. Simply contact our customer service at least 14 days prior to your last lesson of the term so that necessary adjustments could be made to our schedule. 

You can refer to our Term calendar sent via WhatsApp, or WhatsApp/Contact us at +6016 558 0107 to clarify and plan for your holidays. 

We will do our best to help you keep your same day and time when your child has to change from pre-school program (3-6 years old) to primary year’s program (7-12 years old) (or any other swimming programs). If we can’t, we will work with you to find a new day and time that fits your schedule.

Sometimes our instructors need to change lesson times to accommodate their own life schedules. However, we can assure you that all of our instructors at PG Swimming Academy has undergone a thorough hiring process and an extensive training period. You can trust that they’re all fun, patient and more than qualified to ensure the safety of our students. Since our instructors work closely with one another, your child’s progress would be communicated as they transition. 

Replacement Class

Unfortunately, you will NOT be able to extend your child’s replacement class after it is being scheduled and confirmed. This is to avoid problems of backlog arrangement and scheduling of all accumulated replacement lessons from other children. 

Absentees (except for Medical reasons) upon confirmation of replacement class slot with the management will NOT be provided with an additional replacement class. This is due to the backlog arrangement will affect your child’s daily lesson as well as other children. Hence, the particular day/time that you’ve booked will be considered as absent. 

Credentials and Certifications

All of our Instructors have completed our intensive PG Swimming Academy instructor training and exams. They also have at least a National Lifesaving Certification. We do provide professional development training for all of our coaches from time to time. 

Baby-Bonding Aquatics Program (BBA)

All of our programs for children under 3 years old normally require parent participation. Our Baby Bonding Aquatic Program, requires a parent/guardian in the water. One of the major goals is creating acclimation to the water for both you and your child. 

Yes! Any child under 3 years old, or any child who are not fully potty trained must wear their aqua nappies/ swim diapers. This ensures the health and safety of all students and instructors should there be any accidents during lessons. 

Bring a BIG bag! The Basics: Aqua nappy or swim nappy, baby swim warmer (for the baby who gets cold quickly), Changing mat, Big fluffy towel. Fret not! A FOC briefing session would be provided prior to your class-enrolment. 

Our BBA program learners’ pool are design in such a way i) To deliver a non-intimidating learning environment through the eyes of a child. ii) As drowning is silent, a controlled-size pool environment could help to prevent any unfortunate accidental drowning as the coaches will always be within reach to the child. iii) To effectively and efficiently maintain a clean and harmless water for your child. 

Our custom-built heated pool is warmed to a comfortable temperature above 30 degree Celsius, perfect for baby & toddler swimming classes. Our center is equipped with indoor nappy-changing area, both indoor and outdoor shower and changing area for the comfort of both the baby and parents. 

Learn-To-Swim Frequently Faced Scenarios

We believe that swim lessons should be offered year-round because it helps our students maintain and improve their swimming skills and knowledge of water safety. Our Learn-To-Swim lessons are designed to be at your convenience as we would try to provide a schedule that works with yours. You’ll always have the option to make changes to your lesson time schedule if needed. 

Children can start learning at any age, but the best would be when they are very young. In fact, the younger the better. This is because younger children tend to be like a clean slate, and thus pick up new skills and techniques very fast. In addition, with the combination of swimming techniques and the growth of their bodies, we notice that these same little ones do the same thing as their peers, but better. Lastly, it’s easier for children to overcome their fear in the water as compared to when they are older.

We have learners as young as 6 months old in our Baby Bonding Aquatic (BBA) Program up to Adult Explorer Program. We believe that there should be no limitations to learning how to swim! 

We believe that every child’s learning capacity might differ, hence, our programs are designed with a small teacher to students’ ratio. The group size might differ depending on the programs the child is enrolled in. i) BBA program (6 months- 4 years old) -6 pairs of parent & baby: 1 teacher ii) Pre-School program (3 years old- 6 years old) – 4 children: 1 teacher iii) Primary Years Program (5 years old -12 years old) – 6 children: 1 teacher

Yes, practicing at home will help tremendously! If you have a pool at home, you can practice swimming as much as possible. If you do not have a pool, many swimming skills can still be practiced in the bathtub or even the sink! 

Our instructors are well trained for managing such situation, and our classes are planned to help all children acclimate to and be comfortable in the water before we work on developing their skills. We work really hard in our lessons to be sure that any fears a student has would turn into confidence in the water.

Absolutely not! We encourage all of our parents to give more patience as our instructors work their way to calm the child down. We completely understand that children can have bad days. It is our job to keep working with them on the goals of the class. We won’t give up on your little swimmer!

Bring along your goggles, swim cap, warm drinks in thermal bottle, towel and toiletries.

If your child is distracted by seeing you, it might be advisable for parents to be temporarily out of sight during lessons. While you are out of sight from your child to adjust themselves, there’s a designated waiting area for all parents. 

Parents are encouraged to stay around the designated pool area especially for younger kids as they might need to be attended if they need to visit the toilet.

Make yourself at home, you’re most welcome to come early before your child’s class scheduled to start. It’s advisable not to rush for your class as your child may rattled when being rushed into class. Late arrival also leads to running on deck, which is hazardous and strongly discouraged. We highly advise for parental supervision if the students happened to arrive earlier for their classes or wish to practice on their own after their lesson.

Everyone is equipped with different ability. It usually takes around 3-4 months to acquire basic swimming skills. For individual with water phobia, the process may be longer. Take your time with us and trust the process, you will definitely have a fun learning experience.

Perhaps this is a worry of most swim parent because their expectations have never been set in regards to “how soon”, or “how fast” it should take. But the truth is that there are just too many factors that influence the pace of learning in order to make an accurate prediction that fits each and every child. There is no simple answer to this question as every child’s physical abilities and 

social emotional developments might differ when they are in the water. But, we can ensure you that all of our coaches are passionate to bring the joy of swimming and we have evaluation every term (3 months) to keep all parents updated on their child’s learning progress.

We truly understand that you would like to capture the magic moments of your child on camera or phone, however privacy of others must be respected. The use of cameras and video cameras at this venue is conditional upon the following: i) You must have all relevant individuals consent to take photos or videos. ii) It is illegal to broadcast or publish images or videos without consent.

1. Feel free to drop by our PG Swimming Academy management office located at SETIA Spice Aquatic Centre (Visit us at WAHOO Swim School administrative office)

2. Reach out to our Customer Service at +6016 558 0107, we are more than happy to assist you. 

3. Drop your inquiries via e-mail to 

Have a more specific question? Call or WhatsApp +6016 558 0107 to speak with a friendly member of our team.