Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. We are here to encourage further develop water confidence and safety skills. Giving the opportunity to refine swimming technique and to build fitness.


Wahoo Elite Swim Team

Are you dedicated to swimming? Are you a leader among your friends? Do you proudly show your goggle marks and webbed skin?

Then You are a few steps away to be a Barracuda Swim Team.


The privilege of being able to compete in swim meets. You will start with local invitation such as club level and state level meets. These meets allow you to represent your school and club. With determination, you will slowly and surely move your way up to represent the state. We can't wait to see you there.

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Advanced Program

After learning all the 4 basic strokes, it is time for you to go through some drills.

Drilling lessons consist of stroke corrections, proper kicking techniques, rhythmic breathing, diving, turning and integrating all these to build a proficient swimmer. 

This is the perfect class to help you get ready for the Barracuda Swim Team. Hammerhead

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