What can my baby learn?

When prepared gently and consistently, very young babies quickly learn the cues for going underwater. They will submerge comfortably and happily, enjoying the magic of short underwater expeditions. Initially an experienced teacher will guide you when allowing your baby underwater. You will learn to read your baby's posture and facial expressions - don't be surprised if your baby is ready before you!

Some other important skills your baby will learn include:

  • Confident enjoyment in and under the water
  • Independent and unaided movement through the water
  • Jumping in, turning underwater and swimming back to the wall for safety
  • Reaching the edge of the pool and climbing out
  • Holding onto the pool wall and moving along it to steps or shallow water
  • Relaxing in the back floating position
  • Popping up to breathe in order to see the wall and swim longer distance
  • Realistic awareness of swimming ability without floatation aids
  • Important safety rules, such as never entering the water without an adult wacthing


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