Are there other benefits from baby swimming?

A quality, play based, aquatic education program can offer lots of stimulation (physically, socially and intellectually) to enhance the development of your child.

Swimming is also a wonderful life skill. it will eventually develop into a leisure activity, sporting activity, or perhaps both.

Perhaps most important, baby swimming is an education for both you and your child. You will learn how to continue your child's aquatic education outside of lessons, and to make the most of your time in the water together. The bonding and trust that will develop between you adn your child as you share water experiences and learn together will be something to treasure for the rest of your lives.

" We often refer to a young baby as "taking it all in" and it is obvious to many parents (as well as child development experts) that this is precisely what the baby does from the moment it is born. The colour, movement and smilling faces (in the pool) are very strong stimulators to develop baby's vision, and the music, rhythm, laughter, splashing and variations in voice tone will further stimulate baby's brain.

From birth children are carefully watching adult faces to imitate, and the more often they're exposed to happy, smilling, positive social interaction the more positively they will develop in their own social and interpersonal skills. The most powerful potential enhancer of baby's development is in the area of skilled movement and co-ordination. The water environment provides invaluable sensory information for the development of good movement and co-ordination skills. By exposing the young child to a range of stimulating, safe, and age appropriate sensory experiences, we aim to enhance and extend the development of the child."


















From "Are You Just Teaching Swimming and Water Safety?"

Julie Zancanaro, Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association Journal, Nov-Dec 1994

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