JAWS Holiday Program

J.A.W.S (Junior Aquatic Water Survival Program)

    • A uniquely designed school holiday intensive swimming program to fast-track your child’s swimming abilities
    • Designed for swimmers of all levels (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced)
    • Duration: 5-10 days (Depends on the period of school holidays)
    • When will it be conducted? March, May- June, July-August, November-December
    • Fun, challenging and educational
    • Skills: Basic swimming skills, Basic Water-safety skills, Strokes Refinement, Competitive Swimming Techniques 




JAWS Program is in collaboration with:


Come join us this Holiday to find out why these kids enjoy swimming so much, and you will be amazed by how well they are able to progress in our uniquely designed J.A.W.S Holiday Programme.

How To Start?

For a QUALITY, MEMORABLE, and MEANINGFUL school holiday, contact us for more details regarding our J.A.W.S Holiday Program. Our swim coach will evaluate your child’s skills, and determine their appropriate levels on their first lesson.