About Us

PG Swimming Academy (by TAD Solutions) was formed by Thomas, Albert and Dennis who grew up together in the swimming environment and together they have participated major competitions at the World stage.

PG Swimming Academy has a strong philosophy that everyone should have appropriate, relevant swimming & water safety skills and understand the principles of water safety. As such, we have developed a quality education program for those who wish to learn swimming. These activities are supported by  a team of passionate instructors who place great emphasis on the development of mental and physical aspects of children.

Moreover, with the motto of "Now Everyone Can Swim". We aim to provide our own brand of swimming program not only to students but also to adults so that everyone knows how to take swimming as the best form of exercise at the same time enable them to safely enjoy aquatic environments and activities.  

Check out below activities ..... you can be one of us too.


Albert coaching CSC Swimmers


Land exercise before entering pool











No pain, no gain





2005 Malaysia Open Champion





Life Saving World Championship 2012 Adelaide







Captain Ball - Adventure Program







Life Saving -Adventure Program





Introduction to Scuba Diving











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