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How long will it take?

Young children learn quickly, however they are just as quick to foget! They need regular revision and practice (at least once a week) to retain skills and progress.

Of course babies are unique and will learn at their own individual pace. They all plateau (or even regress) occasionally. Continue with lessons and stay positive as your baby "cements together" new skills.

As your child grows, swimming skills will also develop and extend. There is no end-point to the process. You are embarking on a journey that begins with water confidence and will lead to a respect for water safety and a love of swimming that will remain for life!



Learn to Swim in Penang

Learn to Swim with PGSA Learn to swim in Penang with PG Swimming Academy PGSA (by TAD Solutions). PGSA is an organization formed by swimming instructors, national swimming coaches and certified lifeguard instructors.

We were former national swimmers, national water polo players and national lifeguards who had participated in many World class competitions.

We are trained to take you and your child through the steps to become a confident swimmer if not a successful swimmer. We have classes for beginners to advanced and all the steps in between.

We don’t just teach your child how to swim, we instill water safety and confidence in them.

We strongly encourage group learning as there are many benefits. To find out more, click here.

Contact us now. We can’t wait to see you in the pool.


Saving Lives through PGSA

PG Swimming Academy is a child-focused water safety initiative of TAD Solutions. PG Swimming Academy partners with State coach and national life saving instructors across the country in an effort to provide the opportunity for every child to learn to swim.


  • Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of childhood accidental death in the World. Drowning kills more than 175,000 children a year and causes significant economic, health and psychosocial consequences for those who survive ( Source: UNICEF Malaysia).

  • 1000 children die of drowning everyday across ASIA ( Source: Life Saving Society Malaysia )

  • Children from non-swimming households are eight times more likely to be at-risk of drowning.


The Benefits of Learning in Groups

kids in groupsFun, fun, fun! Sign up together with others and make it a fun experience for all.

Reluctant swimmers will see others performing skills and want to follow along and be part of the group. Group learning encourages and motivates each other to do better.

Group lessons is a structured program that uses learning progressions to teach skills needed to become a lifelong swimmer. 

Games are always more fun in a group!